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Mark Hollowell

April 15, 2022

Mark Hollowell obit pic

Mark Hollowell left this world suddenly after spending a life lived at his own speed and on his own terms.  While no friends or family were with him at the time of his passing, he certainly was never alone. Mark had a way about him that drew others to him and memories and stories of him were always left wherever he went. 

Mark Phillip Hollowell was born on February 19, 1963, in Cleveland OH, to the late George Hollowell and the late Judy Morrisette (Engel).  Mark was the second of 4 boys, and always found a way to make sure he was never forgotten or ignored in a house full of extreme personalities. 

Often seen as the problem child, he was also a resourceful tinkerer who had a knack for finding resources to build anything with wheels, and usually with a motor.  Every time a lawnmower lost an engine in the neighborhood, the streets of Mayfield Heights, OH. was surely soon to gain a minibike or go-kart. 

As the years passed and part of the family moved to Massachusetts, Mark stayed behind to live with his grandmother Elizabeth and oldest brother Scott.  It was during this time that Mark would pick up his chosen trade of cooking.  A lifetime line cook, anyone who knew him could see that he was really a chef, without the degree and fancy hat.  If Mark was cooking a holiday meal or a celebration of a big game, you knew there was going to be good food and plenty of it. 

It was Mark's free spirit, and his love of the kitchen, that took him from Cleveland in the 1990s and dropped him down in Fort Myers, FL, where he spent years cooking, making friends, and finding more and faster things with a motor to pass his time. 

Customizing his beloved Mustang and his motorcycles were hobbies that were more like art, and people in the various car and bike clubs knew him well and shared in his passions.

Mark leaves behind 3 brothers: Scott Hollowell (Stacey Rink), Skip Hollowell (Heidi Graff) and Tim Hollowell, in addition to nieces Brooke and Erin, and nephews Ryan and Sean.  In addition to his Cleveland family, Mark left behind a family of friends like no other in Fort Myers.  In addition to his Fort Myers Olive Garden family, Micheal Simpson, Tara Simpson, and Ellen Simpson will be forever grateful for the time he spent in their lives. Although he and Tara were good friends for over 25 years, he truly became a family member as he became part of their household. They shared his ups and downs, celebrated the victories, and picked him up whenever he needed it.

He became a big brother and an inspiration to Ellen, who will forever have clean headlights, and a favorite uncle to Veronica and Addison, who always looked forward to spending time with him cooking, baking, and stealing sweets from his snack drawer. They always looked forward to visiting him and would drag him out to ride their bikes and play outside.

There was always someone competing against Mark in a cooking competition to see who could make the most unique and delicious food, and his ribs and chicken wings will always be a tradition for the first Browns game of the football season. 

While no funeral is planned, as nobody can imagine Mark wanting anyone to shed too many tears or put up too much of a fuss, a Celebration of Life is being planned for a later date in his adopted hometown of Fort Myers. 

Stories will be told, maybe a tear or 2 will be seen, lamentations of Cleveland sports will be shared, and of course, there will be food. 

I am sure he will be upset that he can't attend and cook for what is surely one party we know he would not have missed.


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