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Michael Roy Vucci

Michael Roy Vucci Pic for Obituary

Vucci, Michael Roy, 69, of Margate, FL, passed away on Aug 28, 2021.  He was born in August 1952, in Prince Georges Hospital, Cheverly, MD.  The family moved to Randolph Hills, Montgomery County, MD in 1954, where he spent his growing years.  Michael graduated from John F. Kennedy High School in Silver Spring, MD., and moved to Margate, FL, in 1978, to be with his parents.  He worked at several construction jobs before finding his niche at Cardinal Health in Ft. Lauderdale, where he retired as a Lab Technician. 

Michael is survived by his beloved Mother, Bette; Sister, Sheila; Life Partner, Grace (Betsy) Perrotta; Sister-in-law, Barbara J. Taggart (James D. Vucci); Uncle, Charles R. (Fredricia), Depew, and Aunts, Anna Maria Vucci, and Barbara Knudson.  He is also survived by Nieces Jan (Sean) Byrne, Staci (Bryan) Coupard, and Tina Vucci; Nephews Blane (Molly) Vucci; Evan (Laura) Vucci, and many cousins and other relatives.  He was preceded in death by his beloved Father, Daniel J. Vucci, and Brothers, James D. Vucci and David J. Vucci. 

His favorite sport was Scuba Diving; taking visiting relatives and friends to Key West, and traveling around the country, which he and Betsy did extensively.  He also went to the Netherlands and other countries, with his high school buddy, “Reemer”. Michael surprised Mom on her 75th birthday, by taking her to the one place she really wanted to see: the San Francisco Bridge.  He will be terribly missed.

Memorial contributions may be made to the American Cancer Society

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