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Susanne Wassermann

July 4, 2023

Susanne Wassermann Obituary

Susanne Wassermann, born in Kosice, Czechoslovakia, was a woman who lived by four words: Caring, sharing, giving, and loving, no matter how cruel the world may have been to her.

Susanne was the middle of 3 children (older sister Katherine and younger brother Peter). She is preceded by her husband Julius Kun, her uncle Gustav Vodika, her sister Katherine Noire, her brother-in-law Robert Noire, and her son-in-law John Calvano.

She is survived by her daughter Karen Calvano of Delray Beach, her two grandsons Jeremy Calvano (Boynton Beach) and Shawn Calvano (Monroe, MI), her niece Michelle Tessler of New York, NY, and her nephews Paul Noire and Jonathan Tessler of New York, NY.

Susanne’s early years were rough, as she is one of many Holocaust survivors. Taken from her home in 1944 after living in captivity for over a year, she wound up sharing the same camp as Anne Frank in Bergen-Belsen. Fortunately, she and her sister Katherine managed to survive the horrific event and eventually make her way to the United States on January 11th, 1947.

Her first job here in the US was as a Necktie maker. At night, she attended school to learn English. That same year, she met her late husband of 52 years, Julius Kun. They spent the next decade living in the Bronx before moving to Newburgh, where she was offered a position at WestPoint.

In 1964, she adopted her only daughter, Karen. Susanne was a devoted wife, mother, aunt, and years later a devoted grandmother. She had many hobbies including cooking, and baking, and even became a renowned gold master bridge player.

Susanne was very passionate about the holocaust and wanted to bring awareness to the horrific events in human history. She consistently donated to the Holocaust Foundation and the Tourette Syndrome Association after discovering her oldest grandson was diagnosed at age 9.

Susanne is an amazing woman who will be dearly missed by those who survived her and known her throughout her life.

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