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Roy A. Lohr

June 19, 1962 - November 6, 2022


Lohr-225x300 Roy A. Lohr Obituary

Roy A. Lohr (60), formerly of Winchester, VA, passed away suddenly Sunday in Port Saint Lucie, FL. 

He spent his last days doing what he loved:  fishing and caring for an ailing family member, just as he had for our Dad before his passing in 2010.

Everyone who knew Roy was aware that he struggled all his life with alcoholism, but that never stopped him from helping family, friends, neighbors, and strangers alike. 

And it is his giving and loving spirit that we hold dear and treasure the most.  Our hearts are broken but also receive comfort in knowing he is now at rest.

Brother, Uncle, Son--rest in peace and rejoice knowing that you are loved.  Those of us left here on earth know that you have "gone fishing." 

Till we meet again, your loving family and friends.

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