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Be Prepared In Case Of Death While Traveling

Mark Sunshine

When The Pandemic Ends, Travel Demand Will Explode!

American’s love to travel and when the pandemic ends, it is a sure thing that by the millions we are going to take to the skies, roads, and cruise ships. 

But, before you, or your client’s, travel please be prepared in case of death while away from home. 

Transporting human remains from a distant location to a local funeral/cremation provider is almost always complicated and costly. 

Even worse, if death occurs in another country, the stress of dealing with local authorities and funeral homes is beyond traumatic.  And, it is only made worse if death occurs on a cruise ship. 

Sunshine Cremation offers a travel protection plan that provides financial and emotional protection in case of death while traveling. 

Regardless of where death occurs, a call to Sunshine Cremationis all that is needed.  We take care of the rest. 

Assuming you purchase the Sunshine Cremation Travel Protection Plan, all of the costs and logistics of returning the deceased home are taken care of.  

The cost of the Sunshine Cremation Travel Protection Plan is $495.  That is a one-time fee for lifetime protection.  And, if you, or your client’s, move away from South Florida, the plan is fully portable.   

Compare that to the average cost of repatriation, which can easily run more than $10,000 as illustrated below…

15076988_1606854973Soatravel_death_costs Be Prepared In Case Of Death While Traveling

Even if you, or your clients, have prepaid funeral arrangements with another firm, the Sunshine Cremation Travel Protection Plan is still available.  We will provide this protection to anyone regardless of which funeral home they have chosen for their final needs. 

Please let us know if we can help with our Travel Protection Plan.


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